Milliken Introduces Straight Talk 2.0

The original Straight Talk collection has been improved to create a more cohesive group of modular tile patterns that transition superbly from one to another.  Straight Talk 2.0 is one of Milliken’s best performing collections to-date and one of the most affordable commercial carpet collections in Milliken’s product offering.

Eye Contact in color Madder EC512

Straight Talk 2.0 consists of four patterns.  Snap Back and Eye Contact are still part of the conversation, and are now complemented by Jive and Connection.  Jive adds an extra element of movement, while Connection serves as a bridge between all of the patterns for smoother transitions.

Jive in color Charcoal JV816

Eye Contact consists of 5 unique tile designs that can be randomly mixed together for an ever-changing play or in alternating rows for effect.  This purposeful randomization helps to hide stains and also contributes to less noticeable tile seams.

Eye Contact in color EC501 Sand

The Snap Back 2.0 pattern consists of 4 unique tile designs.  All patterns include Milliken’s proprietary cushion tile backing system that adds comfort, enhances seamability, improves acoustics, contributes to thermal properties and significantly extends appearance retention by deflecting as much as 50% of the wear off the face yarns.

Snap Back in color Sand SB701

The Connection pattern consists of 4 unique tile designs.  All Milliken products are available with TractionBack for an adhesive free installation; therefore eliminating the off-gassing of VOC’s (Volatile Organic Chemicals).  The result is an improvement in indoor air quality that contributes to the health and well-being of all those who work inside the building.

Connection in color Chocolate CN607

Straight Talk 2.0 is available in 24 colors ranging from soft neutrals to accent-driven bolds.

Straight Talk 2.0 Color Line

Colors coordinate with, but are not numbered according to, the Constantine Color Reference system.

Straight Talk 2.0 Color Reference and Coordinates

Jive is a single tile design.

Jive in color JV801 Sand

The patterns in the new Straight Talk 2.0 collection coordinate with each other and transition beautifully from one pattern to another as shown below.


  • Tufted, textured loop modular carpet tile
  • Available in 24 colors
  • 50 cm modular tile
  • Total Recycled Content: 26.1%
  • with Underscore ® ES Cushion Backing (Standard) : 26.1% per tile (26.1% PI, 0% PC)
  • With Underscore ® ESP Cushion Backing(optional):  26.1% per tile (17.1% PI, 9% PC)
  • Available with Milliken’s TractionBack® technology for an adhesive free installation
  • Recommended Installation Method: Monolithic on all patterns
  • Rated for Severe Traffic
  • Milliken Lifetime Warranty

Straight Talk 2.0 Architect Folder

Greenest Architectural Folder in the industry

  • Made of 100% recyclable paperboard
  • Once the carpet swatches have been removed, a folder may be discarded in any paperboard recycling area. In addition, any waste generated from making a Milliken folder – such as trimmings – is returned to Caraustar, a manufacturer of recycled paperboard and packaging, to be repurposed.
  • Removable, recyclable carpet swatches
  • Removable carpet samples are housed within a special cutout in each architectural folder and remain there without the use of adhesives, metal rings or plastic trays. The samples may also be returned to Milliken for recycling after use.
  • Biodegradable film
  • Each architectural folder features a protective film laminate that is safer for the environment than other coating alternatives.
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